Home Protection 101: 3 Strategies For Keeping Your Home Safe On Summer Vacation

By Martin B February 8, 2024

Maintaining peace of mind during your vacation is essential, and ensuring the safety of your home is a crucial aspect of it. To ensure the security of your property and belongings, here are three tips to follow.

Source: Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Secure Doors and Windows

Before leaving for your vacation, thoroughly check and reinforce all doors and windows in your home. Verify that all entry points are securely locked and contemplate the installation of additional security measures, such as deadbolts or security bars. It’s also wise to reinforce glass windows with security film or window locks. Don’t forget to close and lock all garage doors as well.

Utilize Smart Home Technology

Enhance the security of your home by installing a comprehensive home security system. Connect these devices to your smartphone for convenient remote monitoring. Employ timers for lights or utilize smart bulbs to simulate occupancy and deter potential intruders during your absence. Consider investing in smart locks that allow you to remotely lock and unlock doors.

Smart home technology provides an extra layer of protection and allows you to keep an eye on your home even when you’re miles away.

Source: @sebastian_s/Unsplash

Notify Trusted Neighbors or Friends

Notify reliable neighbors or trusted friends about your vacation plans. Share your contact information with them and kindly request their assistance in keeping a watchful eye on your property. Request that they collect mail, packages, or newspapers that may accumulate outside your home, as piled-up mail is a clear indicator that nobody is present.

If feasible, kindly request that they periodically park their car in your driveway to create the illusion of activity and occupancy. Having someone regularly check on your home and report any suspicious activity can deter potential burglars.